Update your Vehicle Website


Congratulations!You have completed your registration on BookingMotoAtv.com! Here you will learn how to keep yout vehicle website up-to-date and attract more visitors.

Business Benefits

In the BMA extranet, there is a list of benefit options that customers usually look for.You can add or remove benefits,depending on the availability of your business.

The service will be available in 2021

Are you looking for a specific benefit?

If it is not available,you can choose a similar one or just add the information on the “About the Vehicle” section.

Description of your vehicles

We use this information to automatically create a description for your vehicles.This description emphasizes what interests the client and appears next to the photos of your vehicle.

We consider necessary to improve the descriptions of your vehicles.That is why they are created automatically and attract more visitors:

  • Always keep the content up-to-date.This way you can always keep the content up-to-date and increase potential customers.

  • You get their attention.Studies have shown that many of the viewers do not read the whole description,but rather focus on specific details like cc or fuel consumption.

  • Available in all the languages we offer.We advertise your business around the world in 7 different languages. 

Photos are one way to increase your reservations.There are tips to create the perfect page for your vehicles and attract more viewers.

Photos of your vehicles

Our studies have shown that you have 10 seconds to catch the viewer’s eye.The best way to do that is through photos.

You will need to upload at least one photo to register on BookingMotoAtv.com, however we suggest  you upload more photos.You can add,remove or delete your photos anytime.