Get familiar with BMA extranet

If you are new to, the first step to take advantage of the high season is to make sure that your vehicles are available online. You can check this on your  calendar If your vehicles are not yet online, your location may have not been verified yet.This is a precautionary measure to avoid any fraud.

 BMA extranet is the platform where you can manage anything related to and your business.You can:

1)Make your webpage more attractive to viewers
2)Manage prices and availability of your vehicles
3)Contact your customers through message

Attract viewers with a well-designed website

For a successful high season, you need to stand out.Make sure that your website is as attractive as possible for your viewers! Make sure that the information you provide is accurate so that you avoid any problems that may arise with your viewers later.

1)Make sure you offer the correct vehicles and that they have the correct names in the system.
2)Make sure your contact information is correct and updated,especially if you are new to

The accuracy of your information is very significant,because it is used for the description of your vehicles and then translated into other languages.
Note:It may take up to 24 hours to update the description of your vehicles.
Do not forget to meet your customers’ reguirements.Many consider the helmet necessary.Make sure you offers what most customers ask of you.

Make sure you know what your customers ask for

For a successful reservation it is important that everything is properly updated.To be sure your viewers know what they expect from you,you need to keep your policies up-to-date.Pay close attention to cancellation policies and payment policies.

ATTENTION: These policies are the rules for your vehicles,so it is crucial that they are clear to both your customers and you!

Make offers to get more demand

As a partner, you will receive tariffs corresponding to your recent reservations.It is important to keep your reservations up-to-date,so that you have a full picture of the amount of commission you will need to pay for that month.Whenever you make changes to the prices or availability of your vehicles make sure these changes are confirmed by the system.

You need to be formal with the payment of tariffs,as there is a risk that your business will be temporarily suspended at until the pending tariffs are paid.Once they are paid,your business will be ready again for viewing.