Step-through scooters define cheap and fast transport, especially in cities where they can weave through traffic and beat most things away from the lights.

While a scooter is often an economical choice, the more you are aware of the use of the scooter, the clearer your choice of vehicles will be. Our variety of reliable, quality scooters range from 50cc up to an impressive 550cc, and each size is most suitable to particular ride requirements.

Maxi Scooters are usually larger framed scooters with engine sizes of 250cc and beyond. Their frame is wider and provides better protection for the rider, larger wheels smoothen out the ride and provide more stability, while generally heavier kerb weight increases comfort and convenience for the rider and the passenger – even in high winds. The extra power of a larger engine provides a better highway riding.

True Happiness is when you think of your bike and automatically, a smile is on your face

Some 150cc scooters, for example the new Kymco Like 150 R or the People 150 S with its larger wheels deliver power that lets you travel well above metropolitan freeway speeds of 100km/h. However, this class of vehicle is lighter and if you travel on higher speeds more often or ride two up regularly, we definitely recommend looking into the next class up.

The bigger scooters are considered ideal for touring style long trips or longer commuting distances. While they might not be the preferred choice to weave through traffic, they can be luxurious and emit an impressive road presence.