Address: Kalymnos, Greece

Working Period: 1/4 - 31/10
Working Time: 7 Days a week, from 8:30 - 21:00

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Free Pick-up and Drop-off between 8:30 - 21:00, everyday at:

  • Airport

  • Office

  • Port 

  • Around The Island (up to 3km from office)

Free aswell:

  • Road Map

  • Driver Helmet

  • Third Party Liability  Insurance 

  • Road Assistance (9:00 - 20:00 everyday)

Pick-up and Drop-off Around Island with extra cost between 10:00 - 19:00

    Cash On Arrival (Get -10%)

    Get one day free 

For every reservation from 1/2/2021 until 30/4/2021 , you pay for 5 days and you use the vehicle for 6 days. Claim your free day here.


Payment: 100€

12% Issued Voucher from Payment: 12€

Remaining Amount: 88€

The dealer will give you 15% discount from the remaining amount: 88€ – 15%

Final Price paid to the dealer: 74,80€

The 19% discount includes the 10% discount from COVID-19

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Our Pricing Includes






  Full Routes

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the driving licence requirements?

A full driving license will be required at the rental desk in order for you to rent a vehicle, provisional (learner’s) driving licenses are not accepted for the rental.

When you rent a vehicle, you will maybe need an international driver’s license, as well as the National (local) driving license.

  • For EU countries as well as for Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein a National (local) driving license is sufficient

  • For the countries mentioned in the Vienna Convention on Road Traffic, the National (local) driving license is sufficient, provided that it is in the form of a credit card, it writes the information in Latin letters.

  • For other countries, such as e.g. America, Canada, Australia, China, an International driving license is required in parallel with the National (local).

Will my driver licence be accepted?

Yes, most driver’s licences are accepted, as long as it has not expired. Also, follow the above terms and conditions.

How long do I need to have held a licence for?

Depending on the vehicle you would like to rent. From 2 to 5 years.

I am under 30 year old can I rent a vehicle?

Yes. The minimun age is 21 y.o.

I am over 65 year old can I rent a vehicle?

Yes. The maximun age for rental is 75 y.o.

What form of identification do I need to present at the rental desk?

The main driver needs to present the following (all held in their own name):
-An ID card/passport
-A credit card with enough credit to cover the deposit for the vehicle
-Full driving licence (Check the above information for driving licence)
-Our eVoucher that you have received with the confirmation of the rental

What about mileage allowance?

Our office offers Unlimited km in island area.  You need special permission to travel outside the island.

What fuel/refuel policy does my vehicle have?

The customer must return the vehicle, with the same amount of fuel, that rented it.

What fuel does my vehicle take?

Once you pick up the vehicle, the representative at the rental desk will advice you what fuel type is required for the vehicle. Usually there is an indication at the petrol cap as well.

Is it possible to travel outside the island with renter vehicle?

Yes, but you need special permission from our local agency to travel outside the island.

What insurances does my rental vehicle have?

Third Party Liability Insurance included.

What is the excess amount?

Excess is the amount you are liable for in case of Damage or theft of the vehicle (when Collision Damage Waiver and Theft protection is included in your booking).

How much is the excess on my rental vehicle?

The exact Excess amount is mentioned during the booking procedure. If you have already created a booking, the Excess amount is mentioned on the confirmation voucher.

What additional cover can I buy from the counter staff?

We can offer different kinds of additional cover, but the most common is Full Damage Waiver (FDW).
Any extra coverage that is agreed to be added locally it has to be paid at the rental desk as additional charge to the rental price indicated in the confirmation voucher.

What shall I do if the vehicle breaks down, or if I am involved in an accident?

In case of accident, call us. You’ll find the number on the rental agreement you signed when you picked up the vehicle. Our representative will advice you what you have to do. Call the police to report the accident, once you return the vehicle, an accident report will be created.

How do I add Optional extras/equipment?

Easy, after selecting the vehicle category, next page will display you all available optional extras and their prices.

How do I add an additional driver?

You can add an additional driver when you’re booking your vehicle. After selecting the vehicle category, you will be able to see all the ‘Extras’ this offer provides.

NOTE: All age and licence requirements of the main driver, also apply to additional drivers.

What are the additional driver’s requirements?  

If you have added someone as an additional driver, they’ll need to be with you when picking up your vehicle. If you can’t take them with you when you pick up the vehicle, you can take them back to the counter and add them later on. The requirements about the main driver also apply to any additional drivers.

How do I pay for extra equipment?

All the charges for the extra equipment are included in the final price, as long as you have added them to your reservation during the booking procedure.

Do I have to pay for additional drivers?

The cost for the additional driver is already included in the final price of your rental, as long as you have added the additional driver while placing your reservation.

What is a Voucher?

It’s your Vehicle Rental confirmation document which has to be presented at the rental desk upon the pick up of the vehicle.

Where can I find my Voucher?

As soon as your booking is confirmed, an e-mail with the voucher link will be sent to you.

What if I haven’t received any confirmation voucher of my booking?    

Most of the bookings get an instant confirmation, in some rare cases it might take up to 48 hours. You may sent an e-mail to BMA!

How do I request an invoice?

Easy! In order to issue an invoice for the online payment You may sent an e-mail to BMA!

Can I upgrade my vehicle?

Yes, you can upgrade your vehicle. Changing the vehicle will also change the price of the rental.

How do I change my pick-up or drop-off times?

You can change the time you pick up or drop off your vehicle. Condact with BMA.

How do I change the main driver?

You can change the name of the main driver in our help desk, when you’ll sign the rental agreement.

Can I cancel my booking?

Of course you can! Check the cancellation policy “here”.

How do I cancel my booking?

To cancel your booking, please login to BMA’s customer page. Please check first BMA’s cancellation policy “here”.

If I don’t pick-up the vehicle will I be charged for the total rental cost?

Please check BMA’s Terms and conditions “here”.

Can I collect the vehicle early?

Yes, in most cases you will be able to collect the vehicle earlier than the confirmed time. Please note this depends on the availability of the reserved vehicle.

If you rental plans change in advance, you can always condact BMA by an e-mail. Any change you make to your booking will probably change the total rental price

When should I pick up the vehicle?

Try to pick it up as close as possible to the time specified during the booking procedure. If you are running late please contact us on the number indicated in your confirmation voucher

How do I return the vehicle?

In your confirmation voucher the drop off address of the vehicle rental company is indicated as well as the exact meeting time. However, we strongly recommend you to arrange the drop off details with our representative at pick up.

Your vehicle will be checked over when you return it.

Can I drop the vehicle off later than my drop off time?

Of course you can. If you haven’t started your rental yet, you can change the dates via an e-mail to BMA and modify your reservation. Any changes you make to your booking will probably change the total rental price.

Once you’ve picked your vehicle up, and you want to extend your booking, please create a new reservation online for the rest of the days.

If you drop the vehicle off later than arranged on your Voucher, we will may charge you a late fee.

What if I want to pick up or drop off my rental vehicle outside working hours?

During the booking procedure please select the exact pick up and drop off hours of your rental. This way we will give you only available vehicle and provide you service for the specified hours.

If your plans change after you book, you can change your pick-up and drop-off times through BMA.

Any changes you make to your booking may change the total rental price.

When will my deposit be released?

Once you return the vehicle back without a damage, the deposit/guarantee amount will be released/ refunded to your credit card. This transaction usually takes from 7 to 21 working days to appear. Contact your bank first in order to check it.

If your deposit is in cash, then we will refund the deposit the same day of drop off!

Can I get a refund if I returned my vehicle early?

If you return your vehicle more than 24 hours early, you will only be charged for the days you had the vehicle, but with the daily prices of your rental period.  (Excluding reservations pre-paid through an external booking agency)

What if have queries after my rental has finished?

For any queries after your rental ends, please contact us via email please attach any relevant documents to your request.

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