Our pricing strategy is based on the idea that the price you set is the price that the customers pay.We do not add anything extra to the price , so you have the opportunity to offer competitive prices by securing more bookings.

Not sure how much to charge per day?No problem!You can always change the price after creating your listing.In addition,you can set prices for weekends,daily and various seasons from the 1st of 2021, so that you can control your income.


Commission: 14%

Booking fee: 100€

Customers pay: 100€

The commission you include at the price customers pay: 12€

You take in hand on the delivery: 88€

What does the commission you pay ensure you?


Promotion in search engines and maps
Travellers begin searching on search engines and maps. Therefore, we don’t expect visitors to come to our website, but we promote our website and online maps from all over the world in search engines


Feedback from Visitors

We collect reviews from visitors,so that we can solve any problems tha rise and of course to meet all their needs


 Daily 24-hour service

Our experienced staff is available 24 hours a day by phone or email