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Since you have registered and become a member of,we will always be here for you to offer you advice and guidance.Along the way,we will celebrate your accomplishments and warn you for any hidden traps. One of these traps is to not have a “Customer Reviews Rank”. This rank is of great importance,because it helps you stand out in the search results on our website,as well as understand and also be able to make any necessary changes the viewers may suggest,that will get your business on another level. If you have alreade received “Customer Reviews Rank ” ,congratulations! Remember that you can find your rank anytime on BMA extranet on “Customer Reviews” section. During your course and besides the BMA notifications, we will celebrate your significant accomplishments by sending you an email for every goal you achieved.

Accomplishment 1: Registering on

Welcome to! We are very glad you decided to work with us.

Creating and completing you profile is a simple and at the same time a very important step to your way on becoming successful at

It may seem like a small step, but our experience has shown that it is significant to take the time to register and select the settings, so that you understand how BMA extranet works. 

There is definitely no better way to learn the application in practice.You can register your vehicle by following the steps,adding your vehicle information, such as photos, and selecting the correct vehicle benefits.

Accomplishment 2: You are ready for reservations

Great!Visitors now have the ability to make reservations for your vehicles on our website.Of course,the reception of visitors is only a part of the whole process.

If you are a new partner, then you will have at your disposal a list on “Home” tab of the BMA extranet with tips,based on this part.

One important tip for you:always put yourself  in the visitors place.If you do that,everything will be fine!As you can see,on BMA extranet we give you tips on how to improve the content of your page,update and synchronize your calendar and even contact other partners.

Accomplishment 3: You have received your first reservation

Having your first reservation is a significant moment in your career as our partner.But we are not done yet…Now is your chance to impress your visitors and earn your first review!

To increase your chances of getting your first review from visitors ,who have booked your vehicle, after their reservation,here are some helpful tips:

  1. Familiarize yourself with how the comments work

  2. Encourage your clients to leave a comment after their rental

  3. Send a personal message to your clieants

  4. Ask for it yourself upon receipt of your vehicle

  5. Prepare your vehicles

  • Keep your equipment clean

  • Keep your equipment up-to-date

  • Repair any minor damages to your vehicles as soon as possible

Accomplishment 4: You got your first comment

Congratulations!You got your first comment!

This is a big deal for you,it means that your viewers recognize your hard work.However,it is important to keep up the effort to increase yours satisfied clients and their comments.

We know how good it is for our partners to become more familiar with this.That is why we provide you with simple information in  “Partner Help”. For example:

  • Did you know that you can answer to your viewers comments?

  • Of course you should know that we can remove comments only in certain cases!

Accomplishment 5: You got your “Customer Reviews Rank”

You did it! You got your “Customer Reviews Rank”

Viewers can now see a rating mark,which is the average of previous customer comments on

You have made a great progress since you registered on our website and now more doors will open for you.Bear in mind,though, that every new comment affects your rank,so keep up the good work!