ANNOUNCEMENT(20th.April 2021)

ANNOUNCEMENT(20th.April 2021)

At the shareholders general meeting, held on 19/4/2021, a decision was made to implement the original plan of the shareholders general meeting of September 2019, which concerns the operation of an office for renting petrol and electric motorcycles and electric cars, in an area of Munich in Germany, at a location where no local agency will be affected.

In the decision taken, with a protocol no.B101, an investment will be made for the purchase of vehicles, in the order of €650,000,000 with equity of €250,000.00.

Also, the proposal was accepted, to be able to participate in the investments, Agencies which are in the system, as well as other participants with a percentage on the listed shares that will be issued.



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ANNOUNCEMENT (05th. April 2021)