Announcement of

Announcement of! We are pleased to announce you that "", after results from latest metrics, was classified as the No.1 worldwide rental booking platform for Scooters, Motorcycles, ATVs etc.  

For that, in the context of trust, Booking Holding Company LTD  secured a financing of 70,000.00€ from a german bank, so as to amplify our marketing campaign. The campaign will take affair on Social Media and will target a universal audience, starting from Europe, then America and finally Asia. Due to many customers' questions, we predict that the bookings will have grown enormously by 2022. Thus, we can say for sure that we are the No.1 worldwide booking platform, in our category, and we offer the best choices to our customers and the most competitive prices on the market.  

Thank you for your trust!
Marketing Manager Director
Wolfgang Eberhardt