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We are the company, a worldwide platform for renting mopeds, motorcycles, ATV (quad bikes), UTV (Buggy) electric scooters, electric bicycles, e-Scooter, Segway, electric cars, based in Munich, Germany. 

Marketing and Public Relations Department (Bahnhofstraße 3a, 82166 Gräfelfing).

Premium Sales Agency, Data Service GmbH (Müllerstraße 47, 80469 München)


We have posted some indicative information on your personal page, first version. By entering the link below and selecting your area you can see your business page.


We have added some indicative (virtual) vehicles (prices include VAT and standard insurance), periods, etc., which you can see if you try to make a reservation to your area.

After 30 days, if you have not contacted us, we remove your page, logo and indicative products so that we do not face any problem with the reservations. provides its customers with many options through the B2B and B2C booking program with a variety of new models in many countries.

Our company offers:

  • The best prices

  • We do not add extra charges to the prices you will send us

  • All prices include VAT

  • Immediate booking confirmation.

  • No booking fees.

  • Free cancellation up to 48 hours before delivery.

  • Guaranteed reservation and protection of personal data.

  • No charge when using a credit card

  • No hidden charges

  • Comparative Price Table

  • 365 support from the booking department, with experienced staff

  • Flexibility in all areas

  • Culture actions

  • Cooperation with 126 countries and over 1150 rental stations

  • We have 7900 new vehicles

The booking process is very simple and accessible to the customer. Upon completion the customer deposits 14% of the value of the reservation and the reservation is automatically received by the system. With the delivery of the vehicle, you will receive by the customer the remaining amount of rent.

If we do not send you a reservation, you will not pay anything, we have no monthly charge.

Even if no one has booked your vehicles, you will have free advertising from us, because we promote your company on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), Google and other search engines, as well as on various travel agents with whom we work through the partner-to-partner program. offers three affiliate programs:

1) Basic (It has no charge and no subscription)

2) Premium (At a cost of 6.90 € / month)

3) Gold (At a cost of 13.90 € / month and the appearance of the suggested agencies)

Analysis of participation programs

Our policy is that vehicles should be available to meet the needs of a booking. In case of inability to deliver a specific group then you upgrade to the immediately larger vehicle for the same charge.

In the excel that we will send you, you can enter your own policy, ie the prices, periods, extra categories, insurances, etc. To point out that all the prices that you send us should contain all the taxes and have standard insurance. Mixed insurance is selected from the extra benefits. Please note that our system accepts bookings up to 14 days. If you have any other policy let us know so we can sort it out.

If you have several models in a category, one is marked with ¨or similar¨. has as its principle the support of the dealers, and based on this, it has developed the reservation policy. During the winter & low season (ie until 15/6) you provide us all your vehicles in order to receive 100% of the pre-season bookings. From that point and so on, you will set the minimum number of vehicles you can offer per group. Due to COVID, our company tries to maneuver to support the agents in every way. The vehicles you have in our system must be less than 6 years old.

When booking the vehicle you can see 2 banners. The upper banner is for standard insurance (TPLI) while the second is for mixed insurance (CDW). When you give us the prices, exemptions, guarantees you provide, these 2 banners will be configured accordingly.

eBookingmoto has a system of individual offers. You set the discount rate and the period you want to apply. You must have informed us about the discount you want to declare by 30/04.


The company, from time to time, has a coupon program (member bonus card and gift card) worth 10 or 15 €, for customers.

The discount is borne by the company, eBookingmoto. You receive from the customer the value of the rent minus the discount of the coupon. Then you send us the voucher code and we will deposit, within 3 working days, its listed value.

Our system has a price comparison (compare prices). The order of appearance of your company is proportional to the prices you will send us. Also, the customer has the opportunity to choose a representative directly if he wishes.

You have the opportunity to make stop sales the period you prefer. In that period you will appear on the booking system. This period should be reported to us up to 01/03. Only for 2021 you can declare it up to 01/05.

If you select the Gold program, then you appear on the home page, '' Top 10 World Destinations'' and on the page of your region you will appear in the suggested ones, although other representatives have our gold services from the region the order of appearance of the suggested representatives is determined by comparing prices.

If you select the Premium program then you are displayed on the home page at ‘Recommended Destinations’’.

In both cases your company with your logo and offers appear on the home page offering you international advertising.

Homepage makes a dynamic appearance worldwide creating a large advertising campaign on Social Media and Google.

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