Announcement: Last 72 hours "On Request"

After a meeting with the members of our company, examining the influence of Covid-19 on the summer bookings of 2021 and considering the position of the Agency, regarding the availability of vehicles. Based on statistical analysis we made on Tour Operators and airline companies, we believe that all bookings will be made between July and September.

We do not want the Agency to have any empty vehicle rental days, which is why we are preparing an application that will start soon.

When the customer wants to make a reservation within 72 hours (3 days) before the start of the rental, then it will be "On Request".

If you receive a request for a reservation, and if you do not have the opportunity to upgrade to another group with no extra charge, let us know immediately, and we offer the customer alternatives.

This process does not block a large number of vehicles. We must be very careful and efficient.

It is a given that is a "live" booking system. But looking at the investment of our partners, we always design innovative solutions based on our culture to quickly intervene in the problems that arise, inform agencies and customers about this program, which will be valid only for 2021.

In a short time we will have finished the Forum we are preparing, where you will raise your views and discuss various tourism issues between all countries. The innovative idea is that you will promote your other tourism activities in the form of advertising throughout our community, worldwide, ABSOLUTELY FREE. You will find the "Forum" program in the footer of our website You will soon be informed in detail about all the possibilities it will offer.

Marketing Manager Director

Wolfgang Eberhardt